As you may be aware, prices are increasing for all of our household bills and you may be putting processes in place at home to lower the expenses as much as possible. But don’t forget about your workplace, as the same principle has also been applied to your compressed air costs. With the official industry standard compressed air cost rate previously established as 13p per Kw/h, that figure has now risen to a 34p per KW/h!

To put that into perspective, if you were running a 30 Kw compressor 24/7 in your facility (as many manufacturers have to), your annual compressed air costs would rise to around £111,000 per year based upon an efficient system at 7.5 Bar.

So if your site is powered by one or multiple compressors, you may want to listen to the following steps that will help get your energy saving journey underway…

What you can do about it

1) Look at your current system

A free yet effective step you can take towards reducing your compressed air costs is simply by assessing your own situation and asking yourself these questions:

  • Do I have energy saving specific technologies already in place for my compressed air system? (this could be anything from the compressor itself having built-in energy efficiency features, to full heat recovery systems and water heating solutions)
  • Can I hear any air leaks? (take some time walking through your system during quieter production periods, checking for any sounds that might suggest air leaks in your compressed air system)
  • Do I know if my compressor is getting too old and inefficient? (replacing your compressor seems like the expensive option initially. However, if your current compressor is too old, has multiple breakdowns or not enough capacity to supply the required air to your company’s production, then fuelling it’s inefficiency is the more costly choice)

2) Contact us

We can help take the initial information you’ve gathered and turn it into a more in-depth professional analysis through energy reports, auditsdata logging and flow monitoring – along with expert knowledge from the Direct Air team themselves of course!

Whether you’re based in the Midlands or further afield, we help customers up and down the UK. Contact us at a time that works for you through your preferred method.

3) Take action

Finally, it’s time to take the action needed following your expert analysis.

From repairing those air leaks, putting that heat recovery in place, and addressing the soaring prices from that inefficient compressed air system you may have been putting off amending…

Direct Air are on-hand to support you throughout the entire process.