Benefits of onsite nitrogen generation


Do you purchase nitrogen gas through bulk delivery or as liquid nitrogen? There could be an alternative option for you!

Across industries including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastics and chemicals, there are numerous applications for nitrogen generation.

The vast majority of manufacturers purchase their nitrogen gas through bulk delivery. However, there is a better, more sustainable option, which is to become self-sufficient and produce your own nitrogen gas with an on-site nitrogen generator.

Here are some of the key benefits of on-site generation:

Guaranteed supply

Imagine no longer having to wait for a liquid nitrogen delivery? Relying on purchasing nitrogen means you can fall victim to unpredictable supply timescales, which could cause unplanned downtime. This problem is intensified if your business operates in a remote are or outside of the gas supplier’s main route!

But have no fear, onsite generation increases efficiency as it allows you to work at maximum productivity and minimises downtime with an on-demand supply of nitrogen.

Increased safety

High pressure cylinders require heavy manual handling to move to or from storage, but are very dangerous if they are knocked over or mishandled, and must always be supervised. The storage of cylinders poses risk of explosive decompression or leaks. Even when they’re empty, these issues still pose a problem as the cylinders are very heavy!

Nitrogen gas is produced at low pressure which eliminates the above safety hazards associated with bulk delivery options.

Reduce wastage

It is physically impossible to get every cubic foot of gas out of a cylinder due to progressively falling pressures and the accumulation of impurities. Each time a business returns “empty” cylinders to a gas company, they are effectively giving around 10% of the gas back.

Nitrogen generators can be configured to meet your specific requirements. Equally it is easy to future proof in the event of demand increase as it scalable to meet future needs.

Stop ongoing costs

Investing in a nitrogen generator may seem like an expensive upfront cost. However, this purchase removes the need for ongoing costs such as equipment rental, re-supply ordering, delivery charges, contract commitments and many more.

On-site nitrogen generation gives you more control over your production processes and you’ll no longer be thinking ahead to the next delivery.

Direct Air can also provide nitrogen solutions with our rental or lease schemes. If you’d like to find out more information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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