CompAir has launched their new compressor range to extend and complete the successful D-Series, with more oil-free rotary screw compressor models! We’re pleased to supply these new machines as an authorised CompAir distributor for many years, we can provide these quality products to our customers with confidence.

Not only does this range offer high-quality oil-free compressed air, it also provides reliability, dynamic efficiency and delivers lower operating costs. This range spans from 37 to 75 kW models, covering air and water-cooled technology and is available in both fixed and regulated speeds (RS). The new release could serve as a great solution for several applications, specifically of those in the most need of critically clean air, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.

New D-Series Compressor Range Benefits
  • Delivers ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0 certified 100% oil-free air
  • Offers best-in-class motor efficiency
  • Provides motor with 30% or more energy savings compared to conventional compressor control
  • Ability to withstand the harshest environments with 46°C maximum ambient temperature

These new compressors joining the D-Series have stainless steel components, dual-vented seals, and precision machined rotors with advanced Ultracoat™ surface treatment. All of this has been implemented to enhance reliability and ensure a trouble-free, long-lasting operation by preventing contamination of the downstream equipment through corrosion.

Now lets look at the RS models specifically, as it’s hybrid permanent magnet (HPM®) motor delivers ultra-efficiency and reduced servicing expenses… but how? Well, it has no bearings, pulleys, gears, or motor shaft seals and less parts means less parts to wear out, leak or need replacing.

On top of this, on all new D-Series compressors the iConn feature comes as a standard inside the machines. The iConn is a real-time online monitoring system that allows operators to manage the performance of the compressor via data and insights. The service will send out an alert if a potential problem arises with compressors functions.

Does this range sound like a solution that could fulfil your businesses compressed air needs? Get in touch with us.