DipCAM qualifications boost Direct Air’s compressed air expertise

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Direct Air & Pipework have enhanced their compressed air expertise and knowledge following the successful completion of the BCAS Diploma in Compressed Air Management (DipCAM) by Andy Wight, Project Support Engineer.

DipCAM is a distance learning qualification developed and awarded by the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS). In earning the qualification, Andy has gained a comprehensive technical grounding in the principles of the operation, design and maintenance of compressed air systems. It will enable him to deliver the highest level of knowledge and technical support to customers.

‘I found DipCAM to be really useful in gaining a base understanding of the industry, as during my mechanical engineering degree we tended to work more with theory’, said Andy Wight, Project Support Engineer.

‘Studying after university again actually wasn’t as difficult as I thought! Throughout the course, I gained further understanding of the industry which allowed me to make decisions I wouldn’t have been able to before – specifically the design of pipework systems.’

‘Having completed DipCAM, I now feel more confident in designing compressed air systems. I can take on new responsibilities, which helps the business as a whole. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing a whole system that originally started out as a simple sketch or model on my computer!

Commenting on Andy’s achievement, Direct Air’s Managing Director, Allan Dolby explained: ‘I believe improving our team members’ understanding and knowledge of compressed air systems is vital to our success as a business.’

‘We always want to ensure our employees are being given opportunities to improve their skills and DipCAM was a perfect opportunity. The course has been valuable to helping Andy’s day-to-day activities and his knowledge will only continue to improve with experience.’ 

Direct Air & Pipework have been BCAS members for 15 years and are a leading supplier of compressed air systems to industry.

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