Direct Air achieves CompAir’s Compressed Air Treatment Trophy

By Direct Air & Pipework
schedule9th Aug 22

We’re really proud to announce that following a fantastic year in 2021, Direct Air have received the award for CompAir Northern Europe Air Treatment Distributor of the Year!

Our achievements featured in the IR Air Treatment Conference for March 2022 and it’s an award we’re proud to accept, as it displays just how hard the entire Direct Air team has been working, especially throughout the complicated times of a pandemic.

Our Air Treatment capabilities

Air treatment is incredibly important for your compressed air system, especially those who use their system to power production where quality standards and purity must be to the absolute highest level. This includes industries including Medical & Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage, where compressed air must be compliant with ISO 8573-1. A clean, uncontaminated production line is also essential in environments such as Chemical Production and Clothing & Fabric, plus so many more.

After the compression process, contaminants such as water, oil and particles are still present in the air and this can cause damage to equipment and even spoil production.


Did you know that up to 10 contaminants could be present in your supply? And this rises to 15 if using compressed air for breathing air applications.

Direct Air can help you by identifying the requirements of your compressed air system and selecting the correct filter to ensure you deliver the quality of air required.

Depending on the application for the compressed air, different filtration levels are required:

  • Compressed intake filters remove over 80% of particulate contaminants to 0.3 micron.
  • Particulate filters are used to remove dust and particles from the air.
  • Coalescing filters oil, water aerosols, dust and dirt particles to 0.01 micron.
  • Activated carbon filters remove odours and vapours.
  • Bacteria filters remove bacteria.


We can offer solutions using 3 different types of compressed air dryers:

  • Refrigerated Dryer
  • Desiccant Dryer
  • Membrane Dryer

When moisture inside an air compressor goes untreated it can cause damage to the system, as well as potential contamination of the end product. We can use our expertise to recommend, supply and install the dryer that’s right for your system.


Last but definitely not least within air treatment is the consideration of condensate management… as it’s actually a legal requirement! Following the water industry act of 1991 and the environmental protection regulation of 1991, it is illegal to dispose of untreated condensate down the drain.

Some ways of keeping your company compliant with legislation while also saving money is by installing equipment such as:

  • Zero Loss Drain
  • Oil-Water Separator

Direct Air can help in breaking down the cost of compressor condensate and ensuring your company isn’t breaking environmental laws or risking a hefty fine!

You can contact Direct Air with enquiries about any of the above products to speak to our knowledgeable experts and get the solution required for your compressed air system.

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