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Direct Air provides service and maintenance to air compressors across a myriad of industries, as well as performing essential air quality testing. With their expert knowledge they also frequently offer their advice and support to customers with an emphasis on energy and cost efficiency.

As a member of the British Compressed Air Society, Direct Air are proud of their high standards for safety, their commitment to progress, and their investment in people. They’re fully accredited with ISO 9001 certification and place high value in both their staff and customers.

A great example of Direct Air’s commitment to pushing forward in the industry is Managing Director Allan Dolby’s recent appointment to the Board of the British Compressed Air Society. Though it isn’t a requirement for companies in the compressed air industry to join the society, Mr. Dolby’s inclusion onto the board is a huge milestone in their mission for pushing safety regulations and servicing standards within their field.

When it comes to looking locally, Direct Air is very active in the community which they are a part of. Emma Dolby, Website and Marketing Manager for Direct Air, discusses how the family-run nature of the company drives their passion for engaging with their community and offering valuable pathways to local talent in the form of apprenticeships.

With three current apprentices in training, and a view to bring in more in the near future, Direct Air are offering opportunities in everything from marketing to engineering.

Ms. Dolby has also recently been trained as Direct Air’s mental health first aider, stating: “Every company is required to have a physical first aider, but not necessarily a first-aider for all the other issues people may be facing. We want to make sure there is someone out there for people to talk to.”

After having just celebrated their 25th year of business, Direct Air are excited to be heading to the upcoming Made in the Midlands exhibition. As well as apprenticeship opportunities and expert advice, they’ll be offering visitors free compressed air checks, with high confidence that they will be able to advise businesses on improvements they could be making.

“Give us fifteen minutes and we can save you money,” Ms. Dolby states. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Direct Air will be one of the members exhibiting at this year's Made in the Midlands Expo on June 20 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. To join them or register for tickets to the event click on the banner below and don't forget to visit our new website -


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