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Leading manufacturer of compressed air solutions, Direct Air & Pipework, recently held a Made in the Midlands best practice event at the Coventry Transport Museum where 30 members from the region gathered to learn more about the company, its best practices and to network with other members.

The event kicked off at 9 am in the museum’s conference room, where members had the opportunity to network and indulge in refreshments before the presentation took place. 

The Made in Group’s Director Ilona Pitt introduced the event, where she also discussed some of the upcoming events that the group is holding, including the 2020 Made in the Midland Exhibition. 

Afterwards, Website and Marketing Manager Emma Dolby took to the stage to introduce members to Direct Air & Pipework. Speaking about the choice of location, Emma said, “This is our second Best Practice event with the Made in Group. For this one, we’ve decided to hold it at the Coventry Transport Museum, which has the world’s largest collection of British made cars.”

During the talk, guests learned more about the 25-year history of Direct Air & Pipework, who have for the last quarter of a century, delivered bespoke compressed air solutions and maintenance to businesses of different sizes.

One technical element that was brought up was the fact that between 20% to 40% of a company’s generated compressed air will end up being lost due to leaks. This will have the direct knock-on effect of increasing the running hours, which in turn leads to more energy being required and your system requiring more frequent services.

In the words of Direct Air & Pipework, “This is the most expensive commodity that you’ll have in your facility.”

To round up the presentation, the team from Direct Air went on to explore the costs that these leaks can have on a company, giving the example of one client in Coventry that managed to save over £17,000.

This highlighted one of the key strengths of the company, which can, in their own words, “We are committed to providing the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions to customers by communicating our expertise and technical guidance. Our technical team will use ultrasonic leak detectors to pinpoint leaks in compressed air systems, even during noisy production periods. The leak detector measures and photographs the specific location of a problem, and it signals in real-time for immediate maintenance.”

The event finished off with more networking and refreshments, giving guests the opportunity to ask Direct Air & Pipework staff any questions they may have. Following on from the event, members were able to explore the Coventry Transport Museum free of charge.

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