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We’re always actively looking of the latest innovations to meet customer demands and expectations for their compressed air requirements.

As an authorised CompAir distributor, linking up with our fellow Made in the Midlands members Gardner Denver, we want to help businesses meet the demands for higher quality air purity and improved efficiency, which is why we’re supplying the new landmark Ultima range.

CompAir has introduced Ultima, a revolutionary new, water-cooled oil-free compressor, offering up to 12 per cent improved energy efficiency compared to a conventional two-stage machine with a 37 per cent smaller footprint.

Launched as part of the PureAir range, Ultima is available in models from 75 kW to 160 kW and is designed for best in class performance, for applications that demand the highest levels of air quality and purity

Benefits of the Ultima range include:

  • Variable-speed motors, powered by an inverter, can achieve speeds of up to 22,000 rpm and deliver efficiencies greater than IE4.

  • Up to 12% better overall heat recovery than a standard two-stage oil-free compressor.

  • Noise level of only 69 dB(A).

  • In idle mode, uses 45% less energy than a conventional 2 stage compressor. This can require as little as 8kW of electricity to power a 160kW compressor when idling.

  • Uses approximately 20% s parts than a standard oil-free compressor, helping to reduce maintenance requirements and compressor reliability.

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