Hiring v Buying: what’s the compressed air solution for your business?


To buy or to lease – it’s now become the classic debate whenever changing technology; from smartphones to cars, right up to compressors and manufacturing equipment.

This is a decision which applies to all industries and you can only consider your current requirements and future aspirations to decide the best option for your business.

We’ve taken a look at the benefits and considerations of both leasing and purchasing solutions to meet your compressed air needs.

Renting a compressed air solution

  1. Capital expenditure

One of the biggest advantages of hiring is that you only pay for the cost of using the air compressor for a specific time period, which avoids investing in the full value of the equipment.

  1. Simple logistics

Renting also removes the need to organise servicing separately, as the maintenance of the compressor will remain with the air compressor supplier. You will then be guaranteed a level of service maintenance for the duration of your rental.

  1. Time period

Depending on the size of your business or the operational requirements, getting sign off for a new compressor can often be time consuming, including extensive research and going to tender. It can be much quicker to organise a compressor hire as it will fulfil your business needs without requiring full capital cost. A rental solution can also form supporting evidence for a service provider who can demonstrate their value during the rental period.

There are also a few scenarios when the ability to rent an air compressor can be very practical and useful:

  • Repairs on current compressor are going to take longer than expected, and may need to be taken away to further diagnose
  • Factory is relocating so temporary air is required
  • New equipment is on order and may need temporary standby compressor
  • Temporary compressed air installation

Buying from compressed air specialists

  1. Permanent solution

If you know you have a set requirement for compressed air and you’ll be using it consistently, it can be best to purchase a complete system as the capital cost can actually work out cheaper than renting for a long period of time.

  1. Customised compressor system

Purchasing a compressed air system also gives you the flexibility to design the entirety of the system. The solution can be customised to your requirements, so it is a long-term solution for your business and the direction it’s heading.

The answer

The decision of whether it is best to rent or buy is down to your specific situation. We are able to offer a variety of rental and finance packages and Direct Air are happy to discuss your requirements to offer advice on both options, contact us today. 

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