Laser specialists spared from unplanned downtime with Direct Air’s speedy response

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schedule15th Aug 22

Central Laser Services are Metal Laser Cutting specialists based in Redditch, who have been serving businesses throughout the UK since 2003. Over the last 18 months the company has been investing significantly into rapid processing power laser machinery, allowing them to offer efficient cost-effective laser cutting of all common materials, right from prototyping to large scale production requests.

Central Laser Services uses compressed air to provide power for their 8Kw Trumpf 5030 Tru Disc 2D fibre optic laser cutting machines, which run 19 hours a day. Compressed air is critical for driving the air operated components inside this professional laser equipment.


As a company that’s undergoing growth and progression within their technology, it’s vital that Central Laser Services have a reliable compressed air provider behind them every step of the way. Steve Evans, Director at Central Laser Services, knew this from the get go and the company have now been a customer of Direct Air’s for almost 15 years!

Despite the extremely smooth journey Central Laser Services have had with their compressed air equipment over the years, just recently the importance of Direct Air’s hands-on support really shone through… when a breakdown struck!

A concerned Steve Evans immediately called Direct Air’s number as he noticed smoke coming from the vents of the compressors electrical cabinet. He needed a fix quickly to ensure minimal time without power to his production.


Following the call out Direct Air’s Service Engineer Jon Tromans attended site, and after conducting an initial inspection he identified that their CompAir L15 compressor had an inverter issue. Despite spotting this, Jon needed to be sure that there were no other underlying issues, but he also wanted to prioritise Central Laser Services’ air supply to get their production back up and running as soon as possible. Jon decided to take the most efficient action available by removing the compressor to take it back to the Direct Air workshop for full inspection, and in the meantime a hire L15 compressor was installed in its place.

At the Direct Air workshop, it was confirmed that luckily there were no further issues than the inverter requiring replacement. Our engineers quickly fixed the compressor up and returned it back to Central Laser Services.

Central Laser Services received the repair completely free under the CompAir Assure Extended 6 Year Warranty, and from the breakdown call out to the interchanging of compressors, the company only resulted in a total of 4 hours downtime.


Steve Evans, Director at Central Laser Services commented:

Direct Air have maintained all equipment within the many years we’ve used them and never caused me to consider approaching another supplier. The service costs are very reasonable, and timing of service is always as per the manufacturers recommendations. There has been very little down time & even when we had a serious issue, Direct Air have rescued the situation with replacement equipment. I can’t fault the team, with their friendly engineers and service staff who are very approachable and always make time for a chat – specifically Jon Tromans and Ross Scimeca.”

Jon Tromans, Service Engineer at Direct Air commented:

“Central Laser Services are a brilliant long-standing customer of ours. I established a great working relationship with Steve after servicing visits, sorting their unexpected compressor breakdown and living just down the road from the site means I’m able to pop in if he has any queries. A friendly customer we hope to continue working with for any more years in the future!

Since then, we’ve continued to complete regular servicing visits in line with Central Laser Services’ Gold Service contract, ensuring their equipment keeps running as smoothly as they do!

Looking to the future, Central Laser Services are taking on even more laser cutting machinery in their factory as the business continues to expand. Direct Air will be working alongside the company to support them and their exciting new equipment.

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