Oil free compressor system upgrade for Accord Healthcare

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Accord Healthcare Ltd identified a need to upgrade their compressed air system to a more efficient and oil-free system. It was key to the project that production downtime was minimised and for energy efficiency to be at the forefront of all decisions.

The brief

Direct Air were asked to support Accord Healthcare in their upgrade considerations with an emphasis on energy reduction and the quality of compressed air generated.

Glenn Heywood, Principle Project Engineer at Accord Healthcare explained: ‘Provision of high-quality compressed air is fundamental to our operation. The engineering team decided the existing compressed air generation and treatment and distribution manifold required replacement.’

‘This was no light undertaking as the existing equipment was woven into the plant room. The changeover was to have no manufacturing impact.’

Our solution

Due to activity at a facility in Greece, two CompAir DH110SR variable speed compressors were suitable for the upgrade project.

The CompAir water injected DH110 compressors provide exceptional efficiency and reliability of operation due to its extremely low operating temperatures and simple design. The CompAir DH compressor is 100% oil free.

To enhance the efficiency of the compressor it is inverter driven. The variable speed drive system starts with no current peaks and no heat is generated in the motor. The starting current never exceeds the full load running current and the compressor can be started and stopped as many times as required.

A CompAir SmartAir Master control system was also installed to manage the installed compressors. The compressed air generation continuously is adapted to the air demand at an optimised low-pressure band.

Want to read the full case study? Discover how we achieved up to 37% energy savings on our website: https://www.directair.co.uk/case-studies/oil-free-compressor-system-upgrade-for-pharmaceutical-company/

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