One of the biggest misconceptions with air compressors is that purchasing a new one is the most expensive option when it comes to repairing or replacing your equipment – this isn’t always the case!

Although the upfront costs might seem intense, once the energy savings, minimised maintenance costs and increased reliability on the lifeline to your production have been taken into consideration, the payback from that ‘colossal’ capital cost comes around quicker than you’d expect.

Equally, if the compressor you’re using is relatively new, a quick visit from an experienced engineer could pinpoint the repair needed and save you a big bill. So, lets take a look into the potential signs for each solution.

Signs whether to repair or replace

Alongside spotting these signs, it’s strongly suggested that you reach out to a compressed air service provider to get a professional analysis on your equipment, as there can be a wide range of reasons that your compressor has broken down and you don’t want to end up paying more than needed! Direct Air can cater to this, inline with our service and maintenance capabilities – which is also great action to take in preventing potential future problems and unscheduled downtime.

Your compressor is likely to require repairing if…
Looks like your compressor may need replacing if…
  • The machine is quite new (you’ve operated it for less than 10 years), or, it has done less than 50,000 running hours.
  • The model of compressor has spare parts readily available to purchase.
  • The compressor has been relatively reliable prior to this breakdown and the problems it’s having don’t imply harmful future issues.
  • You’re experiencing multiple breakdowns with this compressor, even after receiving professional servicing – it’s more likely to happen again.
  • Your compressor is relatively old – it may have a capacity too small for you company’s growing requirements and new technology is much more energy efficient.
  • You’ve been recommended to upgrade your equipment by a professional.

Don’t make the choice alone!

So hopefully this blog has helped but do you still need help deciding the best solution for you? Don’t worry, that’s where the Direct Air team come in.

It’s essential that you seek professional guidance to ensure maximum savings can be made for both money and energy. To get further advice tailored specifically to your compressed air equipment get in touch with us so we can identify if it’s a quick fix or better to replace!