What scares you the most about your compressed air system?

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It’s the stuff of nightmares. It’s the start of a new week, you walk into your production facility ready to take on the day. But something isn’t right… and that’s when it hits you! The compressed air system you rely has gone wrong. One compressor is dead and the other is making a strange noise you’ve never heard it make before.

Now what?…

Or do you have the reoccurring nightmare when you receive an urgent message at 3am? From your 24/7 manufacturing operation to say, ‘we’ve got no compressed air!’

Uh-oh, it’s enough to make you shiver!

When you’re reliant on compressed air to ensure your operation runs smoothly, it’s only natural that these issues can cause concern. Simple and complex problems can attack compressed air systems without any warning.

The first step to identify and resolve these problems is having the knowledge to know what you’re dealing with. So, the best way to avoid these horrors is understand the monsters you could potentially be dealing with.

Problem 1: Quality
Problem 2: Quantity
Problem 3: Maintenance
Problem 4: Sizing
Problem 5: Reliability

Problem 1: Quality

Air quality is a key influence on the effectiveness of your compressed air system. Poor quality air can lead to extensive damage to equipment and performance. Contaminants in the air such as particulates, moisture and oil are commonly associated with air quality issues.

If you’re having issues look into the air treatment within your downstream equipment. Or have the quality tested and get recommendations to achieve the standard you need.

Problem 2: Quantity

It’s difficult enough to balance air demand and supply for your applications… without having to worry about other complications thrown in. Are you experiencing issues with pressure drops, leaks or not enough air?

Avoid these problems from the start by designing the system and distribution before install. With an existing system, regular leak detection inspections will be useful. And modifications to pipework can help to improve reoccurring issues.

Read how to avoid & resolve the other problems on our blog: What scares you the most about your compressed air system?

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